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Your Virtual Fd

Black Ink delivers the services of a Finance Director (FD) on a flexible, ”as needed” basis. This provides you with access to the financial business strategy and development resources that exist in large businesses but tailored specifically to fit your business needs.

Your Business Partner

Black Ink is your trusted and valued long term business partner
based on our valuable experience working with leading companies
driving strategy and navigating change
represent your business financial matters with key stakeholders
removing the need for you to recruit a full time Finance Director
freeing up your time to drive your business
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At Black Ink we understand that as business owners you operate at pace; making crucial decisions that shape the future of your business

  • we are your trusted sounding board
  • providing a new point of view on these important decisions
  • helping you to make confident choices for future growth
  • we will build & deliver solid, strategic growth plans
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At Black ink, we deliver team, data and systems evolution based on tried and tested business practice

  • we bring experience of managing business transformation
  • supporting your business through periods of change
  • aligning -people, systems and process with business ambition
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    At Black ink, we are more than consultants

    • we work as part of your team
    • we share your business ambition
    • we have genuine commitment to your success
    • acting on your behalf and with your approval, we provide the “FD Link”, representing your finance and compliance interests with all your  stakeholders
    • our approach is collaborative and results focused

    Business Cases

    CASE 1

    As the virtual FD, Black Ink have an ongoing integral role as the on-demand finance director of a car leasing brokerage business. In this role Black Ink support the board, by bringing key business financial insights with restructured financial business dashboards. This provides clarity of business division performance and associated Key Performance Metrics.

    Black Ink operate as a finance business partner to the Managing Director, representing him with external stakeholders. We delivered business system changes and built strategic financial models which provide insights into the impact of his business decisions. Using Black Ink has freed up his time to focus on growing his business, whilst  providing a sounding board and feedback on business growth decisions.

    Black Ink Meeting

    CASE 2

    As their business transformation leader, Black Ink work with a medical recruitment agency to develop and roll out  a new App which is used by over 560 agency workers. The App is designed to collect critical business data. Black Ink's role involved mapping data from the App into a new financial system.

    This project has transformed the way of working within this business, replacing many manual processes and delivering ‘press of a button’ key business metrics. Not only has it modernised and enhanced the business internally, it has also enhanced the reputation with its customers – being seen as a forward thinking company.

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    about Black Ink

    Martha Fleming


    Scotland Food and Drink Member

    Black Ink was founded in Edinburgh by Martha Fleming;  a Finance Director with over 20 years experience of working across various business sectors; holding a broad range of senior financial roles in the UK and internationally, focusing on all aspects of business development and business restructures; specialising in finance and IT.
    With a proven track record of managing business transformation with minimum business disruption, she is a trusted business partner and has developed a reputation for driving performance across business.

    Martha Fleming
    Chief Executive
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    Martha was key in delivering a number of strategic business transformation projects ; the integration of the company (post sale) into the new parent structure and, subsequently, the implementation of the new business model. Martha is a trusted business partner; she is structured and well organised , providing a very hands-on approach which delivered results, a good control on costs, whilst also motivating teams through a disruptive transformation period.  Martha developed a strong reputation for managing projects with a focus on driving improved performance across many parts of the business. 

    Paul Neep
    CEO and Chairman,
    The Glenmorangie Company Ltd

    Martha was asked to review the Finance function of a company which I chair. The work she produced was of excellent quality & together with her assistance in implementation will significantly enhance the performance of the business

    Jack Ogston
    Chairman and Non Exec Director
    Pike and Bambridge

    Martha is a strategic finance professional who can quickly and accurately interrogate information, identify the key metrics and utilise the data to help develop short, medium and long term business plans. Her ability to carefully explain and simplify financial data, for those not as financially astute as herself, will make her an excellent addition to any business/ team who require financial guidance. 

    Ian Drysdale
    HR Director (Retired)
    The Glenmorangie Company

    Martha has been the Treasurer of our charity for just over a year. In that time, she has transformed the recording, management and reporting of our financial data. Her approach has been ideal for our needs: she is extremely focused, thorough and clear, as well as very open, understanding and collaborative – working with her is always an uplifting and engaging experience. Martha excels at explaining financial data to those from a non-financial background and has designed a reporting system that makes the narrative of our finances clear and easy to follow. This supports our Board of Directors to make key decisions as well as being practical for everyday administration.  She has always been utterly reliable and very flexible in her support, making herself available for urgent queries at short notice and representing our financial matters with key stakeholders. As a member of our Board of Directors, she also plays an important role in driving strategy and managing change for the organisation. We are privileged to have her contribution to our work and I can wholeheartedly recommend her services.

    Elaine Mowat
    Co Director
    The Welcoming

    Martha is amongst the most professional people I have had the pleasure to work with and I hope to find another opportunity to work with Martha in the future.

    Brian Metters
    Business Systems Programme Manager
    Carewatch Care Services Limited

    I asked Martha to join RMR on an interim basis to lead a business transformation project; introducing a new digital app for time recording,  developing the existing finance infrastructure & integrating the data from the App to deliver new BI.  The role involved working up the detailed project plan after discussions with a broad range of stakeholders, reporting on any delivery issues/potential risks and leading and delivering this complex project within tight timescales. Martha highlighted her versatility and value add by rolling her sleeves up and helping the project team with detailing programming of the source database.  Martha joined the team at a critical period for the project and ensured that she got to grips with the challenges very quickly and diligently to ensure a successful final outcome.  It was a pleasure working with Martha and her outputs and deliveries were always of an exceptional standard. I would highly recommend Martha to any other clients needing someone who can come in as an experienced and safe pair of hands to manage a delivery or resolve a business challenge.

    Doug moodie
    Executive Chairman
    robinson medical recruitment (RMR) Ltd
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